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Areas of Expertise
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Areas of Expertise

Produquímica is an innovation-driven company that aims to offer top quality products. We focus on development, production and supply of nutritional solutions & technologies, so as to increase agricultural productivity and products for water treatment and chemical inputs for industrial processes.

Plant Nutrition

Produquímica operates in the plant nutrition segment, supplying high-technology products. With proven expertise on nutrition processes of major economically relevant plant species, the group offers a broad portfolio of nutrients for application via soil, foliar, fertigation or through seed treatment. Everything to optimize outcomes to the field.

Animal Nutrition

Produquímica is one of the main producers of animal feeding nutrients, standing out in beef and dairy cattle, poultry and swine farming. Aligned with the constant growth of the global livestock industry, the company invests heavily in research & development for processes improvement and increase of its products portfolio. To prove that, significant part of its revenue is allocated for research and development of continuous improvement.

Water Treatment

Based on innovative products and a highly specialized technical team, Produquímica is one of the most important players in the water treatment segment. The group counts on a diversified products portfolio, able to offer integrated and complete solutions in every phase of the water treatment process.

Chemical Industry

Produquímica offers a broad products portfolio for different key industries, essential to the Brazilian economic growth. Among the main industries supplied by the chemical industry: House cleaning, Mining, Alcohol and Sugar, Pulp and Paper, Oil & Petrochemical, Foundry & Steel-making.

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