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Nossa História
  • Nossa História

Transform, improve and
maximize outcomes.
For us, it all means

Our history

50 years marked by challenges, entrepreneurship and innovation

The Produquímica began the operations in 1965 in a small plant in Suzano, in São Paulo Metropolitan Zone. Thanks to the founder´s entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Gerard Schultz has manufactured chemicals by his own while he was still dreaming having his company.

Initially focused in copper sulphate’ s production, at that time it was used for the wooden poles preservation, Mr. Schultz saw the market opportunities, has stated to produce animal nutrition products, fertilizer and zinc sulphate for steel and agro industries.

Due to the strengthening of Brazilian agriculture, the fertilizers demand had increased 2 million metric tons in 20 years: from 200 thousand to 2 million tons. The right moment to grow, conducting Produquímica to do the first acquisition: Somipal - ore company.

The company was developing the micronutrients demand for fertilizers, originating the plant´s modernization. A modern and big new plant had been built up in Suzano in 1991.

After three decades, Mr. Schultz had passed Produquímica’ s command to his Son in 1997. So, Mr. Gerhard Schultz guided the company to dynamism, the focus in innovation, research and new product´s development.

As a result of a decentralized management model, lot of investments and companie´s acquisitions had been done in 2000: the Plant located in Maua, reborn from bankrupt plant to one of the main soil micronutrient producers.

From the years 2000 until today, more innovations have been implemented and the investment group entrance Artesia in 2007, had contributed to the industrial development: production expansion and professionalization.

In 2010, Produquímica had begun to design new projects and had started in the B2C Agro Market, selling the products directly to the final client´s hands.

Due to this, a new Agro Business area was implemented and a new technical sales team was created in order to supply the producer demands. Since then, Produquímica has been strengthening the brand with the customer and achieving impressive growth rates.

The future is very promising!

On September of 2015, Produquímica celebrates five decades of growth with the expansion of plant nutrition, animal nutrition, chemical products and water treatment products business, offering an abroad portfolio of products for segments with great economic and growth relevance to Brazil and to the world.

Produquímica is one of the 150 biggest companies in the agribusiness according to the traditional “Exame” magazine ranking "Best and Biggest". The net earnings are more than R$ 1 billion, reflecting the investments done during these 50 years in innovation, research, plant´s modernization and strategically located around the country. Besides, the team training, whose employees are in the business front which grows 30% average per year.

In the last five years, Produquímica had expanded the operations in agribusiness strengthening in the field working strategies, bringing innovative solutions year after year with producer.

At this moment, Produquímica exports to more than 70 countries. Nevertheless, an international expansion is a possible goal for the future. This is possible due to the company plans maintaining the growth rating which integrates customers, employees, suppliers and society.

The next years will be challenging as well as lots of growth opportunities are coming to Produquímica, the customers, suppliers and employees.

A strong and prepared company for the challenges, winning the future of the coming years.

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